After Whelping for Dogs

The puppies must be cleaned behind every time they feed. This stimulates the passage of urine and feces; without the stimulation they will not pass excreta and may become fatally constipated. This is one of the bitch's jobs. If she has been under anesthetic, she may not realize this. Holding the puppy tail first to her will quickly teach her the routine.


Normally, the bitch remains with her puppies constantly for at least the first couple of weeks. There may be difficulty in persuading her to leave them even for her own natural functions. If this is the case, don't worry. She will go eventually. Let her do it in her own time.


A healthy bitch with puppies quickly develops a large appetite. For the first few days it may be necessary to feed her in or very close to her bed, but make sure there is plenty of food available, and particularly plenty of fluids. She may prefer milk. Forget the once a day feeding routine, let her have food whenever she wants it. She has an enormous task.

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