Where to let your dog sleep?

Ideally, the place should be dry and warm. The utility room or the kitchen are some of the best places for your dog to sleep. The kitchen flooring usually has the non-slippery floor tiles which is suitable for young puppy to avoid accidents. Once the puppy has grown up, you can still let him sleep in the kitchen if it is convenient as the kitchen is usually one of the warm places in the house, and dogs like to be kept warm.


Most dogs live indoor instead of kenneled out and there is no reason why they should not be. However, if you intend to keep your dog outdoor, it must be instituted from the very beginning. Provide plenty of warm bedding and pay attention to the condition of the kennel to ensure that it is waterproofed. Often times, dogs are neglected when they are left outside, so ensure that you remember to check on the dog frequently.


If you want to confine your dog to the kennel all the time and neglect him, then owning a dog is not your best choice as it is an outright cruelty. At worst, the kennel must have enough space for the dog to exercise, with all the essentials provided for his comfort.

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