Traveling with dogs in cars

It is indeed very appealing to the idea of being able to travel with your dog in the car. However, sometimes it could also turns out to be a nightmare. The puppy must learn from his earliest training on the safe and socially acceptable way of traveling in a car. You could also use the collapsible cage if your dog is of the smaller breeds.


Using Dog Guard

However, if you drive a hatchback, then obviously a dog guard is a more sensible option. It needs to be strong and fitted well to prevent your dog from climbing into the front passenger seat. There are many types and designs made specifically for each make and model of car. You could also find them in dog magazines or even from the larger dog shows.


Training the Dog

Accidents could occur if the dogs are unrestrained. In the event if you do not have a cage or unable to use a dog guard, then the dogs need to be trained to sit at the back seat and never to climb to the front. This is one training where a "no" should be sufficient, but not if you used to let the dog sits on the front seat.


Another method to keep the the dog to the back seat is to use a harness which is designed to clip to the rear seat belt fastening. This will restrain the dog from climbing over. As for distractions, some dogs can become great "barkers" when traveling in a car. This is very distracting and dangerous to the driver and steps need to be taken to ensure that the behavior does not become totally engrained in the dog.

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