Dog's Bed and Bedding

Ideally every dog should have his own bed. And from the owner's perspective, washability has always been the ultimate priority. Nowadays, it is easy to get a plastic bed which is not only cheap but also easily cleaned. However, to ensure that they provide the comfort, there must be soft bedding.


There are several advantages when it comes to using a mobile cage as a bed for your puppy. This is especially when you have guests to the house who may not appreciate dog hairs all over their clothes.


The completely collapsible cage is useful for traveling with the dog as you could fold and take it with you. However, the "sky kennel" type might also be suitable as it is fastened by using nuts and bolts around the middle, allowing the cage to be divided in half for traveling. When not traveling, it could be fastened to provide a more permanent kennel for the dog to use at home.


As for bedding material, there are many choices. And the most appropriate from the hygiene point of view is the veterinary bedding which is comfortable and warm. It is sold under multiple brand names and is made of synthetic fur with a strong woven base. These veterinary beds may be machine washed and they stay dry since moisture goes straight through them. They are also long lasting and resistance to being chewed up, unless your dog is really determined. It comes in a big piece and you can cut it to any size as required.


The next best dog's bedding material is cushions filled with polystyrene granules as it is very comfortable for all dogs. However, they are harder to clean and wash unlike the veterinary bedding. Moreover, it is easier to be damaged by the dog's chewing. Alternatively, the cheapest bedding material for dogs is to use old blanket but ensure that you wash them regularly.

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