Getting a Dog or Bitch

When getting a pet, we have to choose whether to have a male or female - a dog or a bitch - is one of the early decisions. Dogs tend to have a more "smart" outlook on life than bitches, and many people are attracted to it. If that attracts you, the male of the species should then be your choice. Dogs are possibly more outgoing, certainly on average could be a little hard when it comes to training too, but can often be more responsive once you have managed to train him.


They do not, of course, come into season twice a year, with the attendant bother of estrus discharges, and getting the attraction of all the dogs in the neighborhood. But don't forget that it is the male dogs that are attracted and if you have a male it could be yours that has to be dragged home each night from his wanderings in search of a bitch.


On balance, if there is such a thing in this particular choice, the female is likely to make a better family pet. She is less likely to be aggressive, although dominance is as much a breed characteristic as it is related to the sex of the dog. Bitches are much less likely to try to wander for most of the year, and they are inclined to be more loving to their human family. And if you like this characteristics of your pet, then get a bitch instead.

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