The Cost Involved in Keeping a Dog

Can you afford it? Buying a dog is the start. Very few puppies can be acquired for nothing. Almost everyone will want to sell the litter they have reared, even if only to try to recoup the cost of feeding the puppies to weaning. The cost of good pedigree puppies varies from country to country.


The initial examination by the veterinarian, and the puppy's primary inoculations will cost between $50-$80 depending on the country. Besides, you will probably also be spending on toys and other equipments. However, the cost of veterinary treatment will takes up most of the cost in keeping a dog.


Nowadays, veterinarians are able to provide sophisticated treatments for complicated illnesses or injuries but the treatment may be costly. In order to avoid this high cost, you could actually buy a pet insurance policy that cater for veterinary treatments but it is advisable to study what each insurance company offers.


There are also premium grade insurance policies that cover death as well as rewards to be offered in the event if your dog is lost. Some may also include kennelling fees in case the owner falls ill. It is entire up to you to decide which forms of insurance policy that best suits your budget and needs.


As for feeding cost, it will varies depending on the breed and size of your dog. In theory, a smaller dog will be less expensive to feed compared to a larger dog. But this is frequently offset by the more expensive and specialized foods for the very small pet.

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