Choosing a Suitable Dog

A lot of households are just not suitable for a dog. If your job requires you to work long periods away from home, or even just very long hours, and if there is no one else at home while you are away, you need to consider very carefully whether the comforts of coming home to a dog are not outweighed by the lack of company that the dog will have to endure, with all the potential behavior problems that this may cause. Don't just consider how the dog would fit into your own way of life, but rather on how your lifestyle would affect the dog should be taken into consideration.


  1. What type of dog to choose?

  2. The cost in keeping a dog

  3. Pedigree or Non-Pedigree

  4. Getting a dog or bitch

  5. Buying a puppy

  6. Choosing a puppy

  7. Settling in the dog or puppy

  8. Dog's bed and bedding

  9. Where to let your dog sleep?

  10. Traveling with dogs in cars

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