Buying a Puppy

Assuming that you have already decided on the breed of the dog that you can live with, the first step is to talk to people who has also owned such breed to get their views before finalizing your decision.


The next step is to look for a reliable breeder and not necessary the top one in the breed. Although many dogs are still being sold at the pet shops, it is not the most suitable place to find your puppy because it is not correct to treat dogs as commodities. Moreover sometimes these dogs tend to be mistreated and have serious health problems.


Be patient and take your time to wait for the dog you really wanted. If possible, make a visit to the kennels to see the dam with the puppies in the litter, and also the sire. The general consensus on the right age to buy a puppy is about eight weeks. Too early will deprive the puppy from the nest, while too late will give rise to problems with socializing. Between six to eight weeks is considered by some behaviorists as a puppy's critical period in development.

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