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Japanese Spitz

Dogs as Pet

Dogs are incredibly versatile creatures known to man. For centuries, both human and dog have come together to provide the mutual comfort and companionship. Not only can dogs make wonderful companions, they also play a huge part in many people's lives as a means of employment, to maintain law and order, to provide invaluable assistance to rescue services, and to enable some disadvantaged humans to regain their self-respect, to enjoy life, and find work. As can be seen today, human and dog has slowly developed an interdependence for each other. For some people, they could find their sole comfort in their dog.

Understanding your Dog

However, in order to get the maximum out of a relationship with a dog, it is crucial to know why dogs do the things they do. Understanding the canine language, and enabling our pet to also understand us and what we want from him, will actually promote a more rewarding and fulfilling partnership.

Varieties of Dogs

The gradual recognition of the many different ways in which the dog could contribute to the association has led to the development of an enormous variety of dog types. All varieties of dog are actually members of a single species; it is the most varied of any species known, ranging from the little Chihuahua to the huge Irish Wolfhound.

It is estimated that there are approximately four hundred known dog breeds in existence today. The actual figure is impossible to determine as previously unrecognized breeds continue to emerge, and types of the same breed are recognized as distinct; or conversely, varieties previously considered as separate are combined as one breed.

If you have decided to get a dog, look into all the breed characteristics, and consider them carefully before you decide which type of dog you want to live with. A dog may live for between ten and twenty years - it is yours to care for over a good part of your life. Never stop wanting to learn more about dogs, and are willing to follow sound advice in an effort to improve and enhance the relationship with your canine best friend.

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